Judy Blue Jeans Sizing

Judy Blue Jeans Sizing

Are you new to Judy Blue jeans and unsure of what size to order? Please read for more info!

Judy Blue jeans are known for running large. (Please note this does not apply to shorts which run true to size).

Non-Judy Blue Size 6 = Judy Blue size 3(26)

Non-Judy Blue size 10 = Judy Blue size 7(28)

Non-Judy Blue size 14 = Judy Blue size 13(31)

Non-Judy Blue size 18 = Judy Blue size 16W

Non-Judy Blue size 22 = Judy Blue size 20W


Sizes 14-16:

  • Regular sizing = 13(31) / 15(32
  • Plus sizing: 14W / 16W

Whether you pick regular sizing or plus sizing will depend on your body shape. The difference is in the buttocks and thighs as the plus sizing is larger in those areas.

Oh and one last thing, Judy Blue jeans STRETCH! Your jeans should fit SNUG at first. If they don’t, you’ll find after about 30 minutes to an hour that they will stretch and are then too big!

If you are scared you may order the wrong size, do NOT worry! I allow returns and exchanges within 30 days. If you have any questions, please contact me at amyliz.collections@gmail.com!

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